Black Bottom

This is one of my most recent graphic design projects. As a class we worked with the African-American Cultural Arts & History Center in Burlington, NC for our individualized topics. The topic I was assigned was the Black Bottom Business District; a business district where black-owned businesses were pushed out and eventually failed to remain open. I worked for weeks to build this blank slate into a poster that properly captured the story of Black Bottom in both a visually appealing and accurate way.

JMU Football

My time with JMU Football was spent learning graphic design and practicing photography. During my internship, much of this was taken away due to COVID-19. This began a shift into a more administrative role and also more practice with digital illustration. The two projects here are two that I created from scratch during the midst of the pandemic; we had to create something that was not physical and could be sent out digitally.

Above is one of many personalized images that were delivered to recruits during the summer of 2020. These were sent out digitally to 20+ recruits as a welcome to the JMU Football Team.
Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Procreate.


Records have always been of interest to me. Recently, I decided to take on a "passion project" which was to design album covers for a few of my closest friends using their favorite songs and their favorite colors. I then chose my favorite image of them and illustrated the image in Procreate and inserted it into Adobe Illustrator. Each of these was crafted as a unique gift for my friends as a part of the total collection.