Web Design and Development


SafeSki is a Progressive Web Application and Website designed as a safety precaution for skiers and snowboarders. Additionally, it is a dashboard and tool to assist Ski Patrol members during rescues.

Green Valley Auctions

The Green Valley Auctions Dashboard is a client project that turned a 50+ year paper trail to a fully functional dashboard for Green Valley employees.


Snowflow is a UI Application Design to bring users to the shortest lift lines, least crowded ski trails, and a social tool to find friends along the way.

Style Save and Say Goodbye

Style Save and Say Goodbye is a Desktop UI Design to teach young adults how to have stylish and functional spaces while also saving money.

Usability Test and Research Samples

The Adobe Illustrator Usability Test

This report was completed by myself and 3 classmates in the Fall of 2021. We chose Adobe Illustrator to look at some of successes and faults of the computer application.

The ZARA Case Study

I chose to do this case study in the Fall of 2021 to take a deep dive in the very unique and somewhat confusing design of the ZARA website. Here you can see my completed user journey map, final report, and redesigned mock up of the ZARA Website.

How Breast Cancer Patients Use People and Resources to Receive Social and Moral Support Throughout Treatment

A user-centered research paper that takes a deep dive into social and moral support of breast cancer patients and how support actually helps the healing and coping process.